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Install our modern Printing and Lamination Machinery to enhance profitability by promoting efficiency of work done in your industry..

An Introduction

Printing of wallpaper, envelopes, labels, bags, cartons, sacks, bills, certificates and several documents is required in almost every industry as well as by individuals. This requirement creates a specific industry of printing and lamination machinery, an industry where developments and launches take place on short gaps. Analyzing excellent business opportunities of the industry, Samir Machinery, has ventured its capital in it. We are just an year old engineering company, which is in talks among the established manufacturers as well as regular customers of the industry owing to our impressively engineered printing and lamination machines. As a Manufacturer and Supplier, we provide 6 Color Flexo Printing Machine, 2 Color Flexo Printing Machine, Single Color Rotogravure Printing Machine and Solventless Lamination Machine, which are bringing high appreciation to us owing to their outstanding performance. 

Our machines are a smart investment as they tremendously increase the work speed, reduce the cost of doing printing & lamination tasks and give impressive end results. Their absolute simple operations that too without any special training or course classes also enhance demand of them in the market. Further, to have a bright future and run the business for long time, from inception date itself, we are paying attention on research & development activities.

Our Marketing Approach

Printing and lamination machinery are not a household item and do not get that regular demand, no ad campaigns are generally run by the companies for whopping the sales of these smart engineering output. Well knowing this fact, we have maintained highly effective marketing approaches that are bringing to us excellent demand of the offered machinery. After well knowing the actual requirement of the companies engaged in printing and lamination work, these machines are engineered with perfection by our company. Not just this, we stringently analyze & scrutinize prices, policies and practices of other companies of the domain and then plan our work, accordingly. Our marketing plans are made with the objective to make customers absolutely clear about the specifications & uses of the 2 Color Flexo Printing Machine, Single Color Rotogravure Printing Machine and Solventless Lamination Machine; policies of the firm and then have desired sale. We do not adopt any fraud practice just to enhance our sales and thereby growth rate.

Blessed With Resources

To have trouble-free business, it is important for the companies to rightly invest on human and capital resources. And we are proud of having all that which empowers us in serving the best series of printing and lamination machinery. Our staff includes people who are passionate, honest and work with sincerity not just to complete the given work, but to do it in a way which brings fruitful results to the company. Further, to enhance the productivity and give comfort to our employees, our company  has smartly invested on maintaining several facilities. The tasks are performed in well equipped facilities of the following divisions: 

  • Production
  • Quality evaluation
  • Research & development
  • Warehouse